Perito Moreno Traditional Tour: Runways
Perito Moreno Traditional Tour: Runways
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Classic tour in which you visit the Perito Moreno Glacier without physical demands and with long time to explore quietly the glacier's balconies/runways, depending on each person's rhythm.

There are several companies that travel the distance of 80 km to reach the area of the runways that are in front of the Moreno glacier, within Los Glaciares National Park.

Our excursion to the glacier departs around 9 Am from your hotel in El Calafate and allows you to spend the time you want to visit this incredible place, with several stops in viewpoints within the National Park and a visit to the runways, scenic spot peak.

The distance of 80 km from El Calafate to the glacier is a succession of lakes, streams, forests and snowy mountains. At the end of the journey, you arrive at the west end of the Magallanes peninsula, where you start walking on the runways which have a total distance of 3 km. They are at different levels and allow you to contemplate the glacier from different angles and balconies. You will have time to walk throughout the runways and watch the Perito Moreno glacier from the forehead. According to your fitness, you can reach the lower balcony and stay close to the glacier or get to the first balcony easily accessible for anyone.

Since season 2011, it was enabled a lift to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility to the first balcony which has a spectacular view.

Those willing to do a 1 hour boat ride in front of the northern wall of the glacier will find the option to add the optional while making the reservation of the tour. 

After the tour, you return to El Calafate on the same route taken and arrive in the hotel at 17:00.


Perito Moreno tradicional: pasarelas 360º Perito Moreno tradicional: pasarelas 360º Perito Moreno tradicional: pasarelas 360º

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U$S 44 (Adult) more info

Shifts available: Full Day: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Days available:

Duration:10 Hours


Included:Transfer from your hotel.

Not included:Lunch box nor entrance to the National Park.

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